Shout-out to my mom/a mop


Mother is very excited about the new EasyWring mop.  She gleefully mopped from room to room of our new home while I laid on the couch and explained Marriage Boot Camp to her.

She took off work to help me recover from surgery. She moved, unpacked, cleaned the house, cooked, dealt with my breakdowns, and took care of the pets for us. I’ve never felt so taken care of.


Krusteaz brownies are better without gluten

glutenfeastAdapted from a social media post:

I am so grateful to receive a visit from June with pulled pork tacos, guacamole, mac and cheese, pretzels, brownies, cereal, bubbly, all gluten-free!  She had two sleeping babies in the car and her arms full with a bouquet of flowers from the six-pack.  I am in awe of her multitasking .  June thought of everything!  And then the doorbell rings with a package of gluten-free cookies from Lola and her husband.  

Surgery 1 of ?


Do not let them feed you crackers after if you are Celiac.

Adapted (with typos) from an e-mail from Trent to loved ones:

Ok doctor just came by.   Nil is doing well. They drained a cyst and did not have to remove anything additional. [Editor’s note: if a cyst is drained, it’s going to fill up with blood again and you’ll need another surgery.  Ask your doctor if you’re getting a cystectomy or a drain.]

She’s in recovery for about an hour. Should be able to leave tonight. Hemorrhagic cyst was found near an ovary and seems to be normal after draining. Make an ok sign with your hand, the cyst was a bit bigger than the size of the o, that was the pain source. Some areas around uterus indicating possible sign of endometriosis but the doc said it’s looking mild if it is that.  [Editor’s note: it was not mild.  It was stage IV, the most advanced stage.  So either the disease was so aggressive that in 5 months it warped my anatomy and grew everywhere or the surgeon from my OB/Gyn was not trained to recognize endometriosis.  The majority of physicians in this field are not trained in endometriosis despite it affecting 1 in 10 women.  WTF.  I highly recommend obtaining a consult from an excision specialist on the Nancy’s Nook list if you have fibroids, cysts, or suspect endometriosis.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with another surgery.  I cannot state enough how I trust my OB/Gyn for obstetric care as a patient and a doula, but they are not endometriosis specialists.]  then she said it’s not really the volume of or quality of the signs the will tell us if it’s a case of endometriosis.. it’s really how things behave and how the patient responds. She’ll be in pain post-surgery, worst part of it is tonight, but if it subsides and does not return over a couple of months leading up to her follow-up, then we may be able to rule it out as just one bad cyst. If it returns, we’ll be talking about treating a case of endometriosis.

Follow up e-mail from Trent:

She’s using a bicycle bell to summon me, it’s working well because talking much louder than a whimper hurts. As does laughing or crying. Or anyone moving rapidly in any way around her, like me getting into bed without basically tiptoeing with my whole body. Ideally we’ll see this phase dwindle down. This is the south before the calm

And vike is nice.

Went in for pelvic pain, came out with a surgery date


Obviously an ultrasound of a cyst

Adapted (with typos) from an e-mail to loved ones:

I wanted to let y’all know I’m having a surgery as soon as next week, depending on availability.

So we got the Celiac diagnosed, physical therapy is helping for pelvic floor dysfunction, but my mom insisted on me going to an ob/gyn as well because she thought I was dying of cancer.  I’m not!  [Editor’s note: my PCP discouraged me from going to an OB/Gyn because she thought I had anxiety, instead of endometriosis.  She also diagnosed me with anxiety, instead of Celiac disease, for years.]

An ultrasound found a golf ball sized adnexal mass near one of my ovaries.  It is benign.  It’s either an endometrioma or something I can’t pronounce that is a fluid filled mass in a Fallopian tube.  Best case scenario they do a laparoscopy, which is like when you have an appendectomy. I will get a diagnosis.  They may go more invasive if needed. Scenarios: remove any endometrial growths, try to preserve as much of the ovary as possible, remove an ovary, or remove a Fallopian tube.

The OB says everything except lying down should be extremely painful right now so I’m like, OMG I’m not crazy!  [Editor’s note: some medical professionals will make you feel crazy and invalidate your pain.  Get a second opinion.]  This surgery may restore the quality of life I used to have and allow me to work regularly so I’m very happy to figure out what’s going on.  Crossing fingers that there’s nothing else left to discover.

Thanks for listening to all my medical drama!  Hugs!

[Editor’s note: the surgery was scheduled for the week we were finishing a home renovation, packing all our belongings, and moving into the new home.  At least it gave me time to recover and end Vicodin in time for our planned trip to drink margaritas at a resort in Mexico.  I slept a lot.]