2 weeks post-excision


I got the all-clear from Dr. Garza at my two week post-op. Besides the two cysts on my right ovary, there was a small cyst on my left and the left ovary and fallopian tube were fusing together.

Education time: The best way to increase your fertility if you have endometriosis is to have excision surgery. If my ovary is in a weird position, it’s releasing an egg that won’t make it into the Fallopian tube and travel into the uterus to meet spermies. Endometrial tissue becomes inflamed and this inflammation is associated with higher incidences of miscarriage, placenta previa, cesarean birth, and other complications.




Please note the typography of feces under the model.

I am returning to weekly pelvic floor physical therapy.  The PT is like, my best friend.  I’m sure she feels the same.  Physical therapy can be used in conjunction with recovery from excision surgery to address any remaining pain. Your muscles get used to contracting and protecting with chronic pain and can get stuck. So you get external and internal physical therapy. That’s right: therapy INSIDE YOUR VAGINA. It’s oddly comfortable. I treat it as a weekly gossip session.

If you’re having pelvic, abdominal pain, pain with intercourse, postpartum, urinary issues, male or female, PT can help.

Public thank you to my husband


Top photo: Uterus from the front. Everything white is endometriosis and occludes the ovaries. Bottom photo: Uterus from the back right. The right ovary is the gray sphere with the white cyst peeking on the right side.

Every bodily function was torture for the first 48 hours after surgery, even breathing. This was very different from my last surgery.  Trent was awake with me the entire time unless we napped. He read high fantasy to me (R. R. Scott Bakker), spooned vanilla ice cream into my mouth, told me I was doing a good job, carried Bingley (our elderly rat terrier) up and down the stairs, massaged the laparoscopy gas, woke me to take medication, helped me sit up, adjusted my pillows, walked me in circles around the bedroom, pulled up my yoga pants, brought water, called my doctor, encouraged me to keep going, watched Bravo, distracted me with what we have to look forward to. You’re doing a good job, Trent! I’m still alive.

The only way to eradicate endo is through excision surgery by an expert. Pregnancy, hormones, birth control, Lupron, ablation surgery, hysterectomy treat only the symptoms and are not a solution.

However, I have endometriosis with cysts/endometriomas. Endo cells can hide in the ovaries and come out to form a large cyst anytime for the rest of my life.

Excision is my best chance at obtaining a better quality of life and having children, but there is no solution to this type of endometriosis.

Fixer Upper Drinking Game

magnesium citrate

Lemon magnesium citrate and Joanna Gaines

I woke up at 8am for a magnesium citrate drinking game the day before surgery.  I get nauseated easily, I can’t chug liquids, I’ve never done a beer bong, and I am extremely irritable when hungry.  Leave me here to die if I haven’t had enough to eat.  I was more nervous about drinking the magnesium citrate than I was to go into surgery.  

The nurse and I discussed that I would treat it like Power Hour.  I would split the drink into two portions (chilled) and I had to down each portion per half hour.  She said one of her patients had combined it with margarita mix and tequila and thought the magnesium citrate was delish!  As tempted as I was to turn this experience into a party, I also knew that tequila on an empty stomach that is violently contracting to clean out my bowels is not a party.

I took Zofran before and never vomited, although I did feel retchy from the sickly sweet Lemon flavor (supposedly the best flavor).  I have to admit, I didn’t finish the last few sips.  The concoction took approximately four hours to go into action and I was warned to make a little nest for myself around the toilet, watch some Netflix on the tablet, as I would be spending a lot of time there.  I timed myself (for real) and when twenty minutes had passed between bowel movements, I found it safe to go back to my bed until the next round.  I read the internet horror stories of being caught too far from the toilet.  I don’t remember this lasting for more than a few hours.  I was able to go to bed without worry.  Truly, the torture was drinking the magnesium citrate and then craving food and being given mango juice pops.  I was beyond excited to eat after surgery but I didn’t want to eat for another week.  Cruel.

As for the game, drink every time:

  • You’re shocked and angered at the low prices of Waco real estate
  • Chip brings home another animal (does he have a hoarding issue?)
  • Shiplap
  • Chip challenges someone to a contest
  • A humongous clock is in view
  • Chip asks to help with a design decision
  • Joanna wants to tear down a wall
  • Ceiling beams
  • Chip plays with something in an antique store, nearly breaking it


Why is it so difficult for medical professionals to recognize endometriosis?

doctorofficeIt takes an average of 10 years for a woman to be diagnosed in the US.

My gastroenterologist: you shouldn’t still have pain. That’s not my area. (Even though Celiac and endo have a high co-occurrence rate.)

My PCP: you have IBS. You’re too anxious and need to practice your deep breathing. Oh look, your blood test is positive for Celiac. Let’s up your anxiety meds. You have a UTI. Let’s put you on antibiotics for three months. Hm, your urine is always negative for infections. Let’s up your anxiety meds. Here’s a referral to a pelvic floor physical therapist. You need to exercise more. (Even though activity causes pain and can rupture a cyst.)

Thank you to my mom for forcing me to see an OB/Gyn where a simple ultrasound gave answers.