GF HelloFresh: July Week 4


Teriyaki pork tenderloin with basmati rice, asparagus


Herbs de Provence chicken with mozzarella and tomato jumble

GF: give farro to Trent


Beef ragu spaghetti with zucchini

GF: sub gluten-free spaghetti


Discount code: NIMBUS

WTF United States, catch up


From Food & Wine:

In Italy, there are an estimated 600,000 people who have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder treated with a gluten-free diet. A recent initiative called “Alimentazione Fuori Casa” (“Nutrition Away from Home”) has led to over 4,000 restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and ice cream shops following gluten-free guidelines set by Associazione Italiana Celiachia. As awareness spreads throughout Italy, arguably faster than in many other European countries where gluten-free is understood as a fad diet or not understood at all, the food options for people with celiac, long alienated by their inability to eat pasta or pizza in a country where both reign supreme, have improved. Italians are tested for celiac at an early age, and many who test positive receive a monthly stipend from the government for gluten-free food.


I have visited Italy multiple times and studied Italian and gave up on ever going there again after my diagnosis.  Seems like it may be easier than eating out here.  Wonderful response from a culture as gluten-heavy as ours.  There is a tax on GF food and the Italian government recognizes that.  Tip from the Gluten Free Travel Facebook group.

Netflix and Sick: Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

Dead squirrel

This baby squirrel LITERALLY just died.  This is a photo of a deceased baby angel.

Let me prepare you as I was not prepared.  If you want to watch adorable animals die, watch this.  So far, I’ve watched 3 squirrels, a rabbit, and a marmoset die unexpectedly. All babies!  Why do I keep watching?!?

Lemur anesthesia

Maybe it’s the creative ways they give anesthesia to lemurs.

Have you thought about how to give anesthesia for a koi surgery?  And you get so invested in the owner-animal relationships!  Like this man who drive overnight from out-of-state and slept in his car because he couldn’t afford a motel, all for his squirrel (who I think survived but has a condition that will eventually kill her oh god)!



Should You Do An Elimination Diet for Dairy, Caffeine or Those Magic Beans a Witch Sold to You?


From Reductress:

Have you always had symptoms, or did they start right after a wizened finger beckoned to you from behind a decrepit cemetery stone?

If you’ve been consuming dairy products or caffeine for a long time and have always displayed allergy symptoms, start by cutting back on either product. If your symptoms developed after a witch beckoned to you from behind a decrepit cemetery stone with her wizened finger after she whispered into your ear, “BE WARNED” after waving her thin long fingers across your face, then sold you a pocketful of magic beans for the price of your soul, consider eliminating the beans first.



I haven’t posted because I’ve been so so drained without coffee or pain medication.  My bones are lead; my limbs are stone.  I feel like I’m back to pre-excision surgery days so I’m wondering if this is a short detox or if I’ve been pushing myself through energy-draining pain.  I’m gonna get crazy and take a few sips of Doubleshot this morning or I will lie in bed all day coloring.

Positive LH surge!

Positive LH surge

Katherine: isn’t that smiley face so life-affirming?

We sent out a message to our loved ones to gather their forces together at 10:45am Central US time on Tuesday the 25th (tomorrow) and if you’re a random internet person reading this, go ahead and send us some happy thoughts.


From my backup doula

If conception is already a public event, I highly recommend doing this because I got an oxytocin boost from all the sweet messages.  Now we will go participate in my favorite activity in life: karaoke.

The cat doula files: Pumpkin


Soothing an injured goose

Pumpkin is a shelter mascot with FIV who comforts all who come through the shelter and is best friends with a rat.  Eeeeeeee!

My cat, Key, senses when I have extreme abdominal pain and will situate himself on my stomach, purring, releasing oxytocin.  I will continue posting evidence because I am convinced cats are some of the best doulas.


Usually Key ignores me to lay on Trent.