Go on, take everything


TWW (I’m that acronym lady on the internet now) the two week wait is torture without substances.  I can’t have a margarita to cope with not knowing.  I’ve discovered that pain medication was probably masking the full severity of urinary frequency as I now wake up to 10 times in the night and feel slightly insane.  I’m supposed to be limiting coffee when I have crippling fatigue.  I don’t even drink that much coffee!  But now


My perfect drug is actually coffee.

Ok I was still having tiny sips.  I need to get off the couch sometimes.  And I have a urine log which shows this affected my urination not at all, but the nighttime consistently ramps up the oz.  I’ve always dreaded having interstitial cystitis (IC) as it sounds like THE WORST.  But I’m accepting I may have it.  I’m already living in a world of torture, Azo, and gas station restrooms.  IC is highly co-occurring with endometriosis and autoimmune diseases.  Or maybe my cyst is growing.  Or maybe I’m pregnant hahaha.

Prescription medication is available but not for those trying to conceive.  Dr. Garza’s nurse suggested trying a trial IC diet using the IC Network app.  I can’t drink alcohol anyway, so why not?  I’ll stop consuming anything which gives me pleasure.  And if I am still tearing my hair out, a urologist or Dr. Garza can inject a bladder solution through a catheter to reduce inflammation.  My great-aunt also has IC and drinks baking soda and found diagnostic cystoscopy to be relieving as it stretched her bladder.  If I want to cheat:




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