Trigger foods I’m eating because live a little


And I select HelloFresh a week ahead and bought groceries


Tracking for Dr. Garza



Tomato sauce, habanero, and pepperoni: from GF pizza.

Pizza with no gluten, sauce, heat, or cured pork?  What am I even living for?  Throwing out the acupuncturist recommendation to limit dairy or I will be eating air.

Pancetta, cayenne:  from mac and cheese

Become horribly depressed I may have yet another medical condition which creates losses.  Has anyone ever been diagnosed with every single autoimmune disease?  Perhaps that will be me at 40, I bemoan.  I am also a very short human, eat small portions, was malnourished for years, then had several surgeries.  I’m under 100 pounds.  I don’t want to slip under 90 again.

Multivitamins are irritating? Switching back to Rainbow Light Prenatal although I was told to discontinue due to heightened levels of folic acid, whatever.  Discontinuing Citrucel until some new medication changes my bowels.  I was taking meds right before sleep.  CoQ10 may actually help IC.

Urinary urgency: none until sleep (woke 6 times)



Jalapeno, poblano pepper, cayenne, spices, tomato sauce: from chili relleno

Mac and cheese again

Chocolate: from dark chocolate ice cream bars

Doubleshot sips: from I have to work today

Urinary urgency: none until night, wake 7 times


Spice: from the blandest breakfast tacos, but Torchy’s uses spice on their potatoes.

I think I’ll try yerba mate as a Doubleshot alternative.  Perhaps I can pretend it’s tequila, an acquired taste.  This berry stuff is OK.  HEB didn’t have Prelief.  No one does!  Trent orders it from Amazon Prime before I flip out.

Urinary urgency: increases during evening until I need to pee every ten minutes.  I fall asleep around 2am? listening to Party Roll podcast (I’m going to try and play DND!)


Tomato, raw onion, chili flakes: from Mediterranean tacos

Amazon didn’t leave the package GAH!!!!!!!!

Urinary urgency: none, I slept almost all the way through the night, thank you, Lord.


I have the Prelief!

Mediterranean tacos

Chocolate from: death by chocolate cupcakes, which I forgot was a trigger until later

Urinary urgency: mild, more sleep!!!



Urinary urgency: none, sobs



Spice from: carnitas tacos

Tequila and lime from: margarita (that’s right, I’m on my period and not pregnant and can drown my physical pain and sorrows while Katherine watches in envy.  She’s due next week!)

Lemon: from pork and veggies

Urinary urgency: mild, even though my period usually exacerbates symptoms.  I LOVE YOU, PRELIEF.  Advertise on this blog.



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