The bees are stressed, help them!

cute bee

Bees are furry and adorable.

Trent was reading me to sleep last night.  He has a real terror of bees and cannot tolerate a bee hanging in his vicinity.

“The short take is that Colony Collapse Disorder is real, although its causes remain a source of some dispute. The Environmental Protection Agency lists the possible causes like this:

  • Increased losses due to the invasive varroa mite (a pest of honey bees).
  • New or emerging diseases such as Israeli Acute Paralysis virus and the gut parasite Nosema.
  • Pesticide poisoning through exposure to pesticides applied to crops or for in-hive insect or mite control.
  • Stress bees experience due to management practices such as transportation to multiple locations across the country for providing pollination services. 
  • Changes to the habitat where bees forage.
  • Inadequate forage/poor nutrition.
  • Potential immune-suppressing stress on bees caused by one or a combination of factors identified above.”


Nil:  The bees are MEEEE!

Trent: That’s why we’re not getting along.  Next session we should tell our therapist, ‘We figured it out. She’s a bee.’  And she’ll say, ‘Namaste,’ and send us on our way.

Nil: …laughs herself to sleep…


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