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I won’t ever get the chance to nervously think “could I be pregnant?” and trot off to the shops to buy a pregnancy test with that fearful excitement in tow. It was all taken out of our hands….

As our son grew, I slowly started to realize that the things we experienced together, I might never experience again. While other parents are packing away all of the outgrown baby clothes for the next baby, we were selling those things. Being practical, really, but it became hard when we had to part with things that held memories. Moments together we never would experience again — his first words, first actions.

When your Amazon order reflects that you’re preparing for your dog’s death and have bladder issues


Should I get the Greenies? They’re better and maybe Bing likes them more. But how long does he even need these teeth for?  You don’t need teeth in heaven.  Let’s save money.  But maybe his last months should be filled with luxury?  Should I give Bing access to the couch full-time?  He has arthritis.  I’m getting a butt cushion for driving.   He’s going to diarrhea on it and slip due to the Keppra.   But the couch was  $50.  I’ll get the cheap dental treats.

Required viewing before engaging in a relationship

Why wasn’t this shown in school, to us by our parents, before you can obtain a marriage license?  Alain de Botton dissects the Disney idea of romantic, idealized love where all needs are anticipated and the partner is put on a pedestal.  Be curious (like in parts work) about your partner.  Everyone is crazy.  And yes, if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.

Trent is a lovable idiot.  He doesn’t know how to chop an onion!


Kill your idols



With the convergence of #metoo and Harvey Weinstein, I hope and believe we will see many more people publicly reveal their sexual assault.  Let’s start a list, shall we?


And, who can forget, the motherfucking president of the United States

I would prefer biomarker testing over diagnostic surgery


Diagnostic biomarkers for endometriosis have the potential to dramatically reduce the time from the onset of symptoms to effective diagnosis and management,” Dr. Hugh Taylor, chair of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine and founder and chief medical officer of DotLab, said in a press release. “These biomarkers could be used to not only identify patients requiring medical or surgical treatment, but also to monitor treatment response and recurrence of the disease.”