Postpartum in Japan

Learning about other cultures’ postpartum traditions in my infant sleep training. I love the concept of the mother being treated like a baby herself.

Sharicks in Tokyo

It’s the last day of my maternity leave! I better write a blog while I have a chance.

In Japan, it’s really common for a pregnant wife to go home to her mother about a month before her due date, have her baby there, and then stay for another month or two before coming home to her husband. Her husband may or may not visit during that time. There are several different reasons for this, an obvious one being that when they come home, there’s work to be done! A husband and kid/kids to take care of…why not stay with Mom where they’re taken care of and can rest?

Since that is so common, it wasn’t too surprising that so many of our Japanese friends asked if I was going to go home to America to have the baby, or if my mom or family was coming to help me…

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