When you’re too tired to make it to the toilet


Floribama Shore


Cortni, it’s called the ocean, nature’s toilet.

The 24 year-old women hope they’re still young enough to find a man.  And they’re divorced.  Or just ended 10 year relationships. 😵


Restaurant by Joss Whedon?

Laughing that this date cost $150 in PCB and Gus is SO mad that he didn’t get a kiss from Nilsa.  She isn’t an escort service who owes you BJs for cheesecake.

I’m getting escaped cult vibes from Jeremiah.  Home schooled, his name is Jeremiah, his name is Jeremiah.  He’s so so hot and well-dressed (the suspenders!) and goes for pee-pee Kortni.  Cortni?  And then he insists they split the check.  Highly suspect for a Southern gentleman.  Then he’s uncomfortable with Kearney Courtney Corny krtny showing up in his bed.  Like a gay man or virgin ex-cult member.   And then Jeremiah places her in the friend zone.  Hrm.  Nilsa flashes her manufactured breasts and invites him to swim with her and Jeremiah declines to clean the kitchen.  The evidence mounts.  But then he hits on Kayla Jo on the beach!  And he’s always cleaning.  Child labor habits from the family cult?  Now he’s talking down to Aimee for being a messy Bessy.  Jeremiah is fascinating.


Trent and I LITERALLY scream-laughed at this image. Aimee, get some Baby Foot.

Aimee and Kortni are smoking menthols and using long-reach butane lighters.  I like it.


Can’t wait to see Nilsa at 30.

“Her vagina has been intact for 30 years.  That’s, like, ancient.”

Offensive!  Kayla Jo has 5 more years until her vagina is ancient.  Also Kayla Jo is only 26 hahaha.  I know how old that seems when you’re 22 though.  Creepy old 26 year-olds.

I tell myself that we’ll keep watching solely because these may be future Challenge contestants.



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