I tried those period panties.

I gave in to those Knixwear Instagram ads because I’m traveling in the new year and I need a bra with four strap options.  I waited until Black Friday and then added on a sports bra (fave accessory for doula work and lazing around house on-call and wearing biker tees exposing my bra) for free shipping.  I saw they had period absorbing panties but went to their Knixteen site where they’re a bit cheaper.  These can hold up to two tampons worth of blood but I’m not trying that with endometriosis.  I use them as backup when torrents of blood gush forth and I use pad after pad and I’m really active at a birth.  I’m using them today on a flight on the last day of my period to absorb random spotting without having to deal with pantiliners.  Didn’t worry at all about spotting,  no issues.

Undies are super comfy and silky with no panty lines.  Clean structure, black.

The bras adjust to your shape over time so they’re initially tight and then relax over the day.  Wearing the Evolution bra on flight and the Longevity bra is the only other one I took for 6 days of travel (with washing machine access).


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