Bitch, I’m back


I’ve been too busy living my life, being stable on medication, with no endometriosis symptoms one year post-surgery, working hard as a doula and child sleep consultant.  I have my dream job with supportive all-lady co-workers who I can tell details about my period and fertility timeline.  I only have energy to watch TV, not blog about it.  I have 8 Kardashian episodes on my DVR for an apocalypse-type situation where I still have electricity and internet service but I’ve watched everything else recorded and Dr. Pimple Popper is deceased.

Unfortunately, I developed hemorrhagic cysts in the past 2 months.  Not endometriomas, TFG.  They grow and shrink and cause a lot of pain but there is nothing you can do!  😀

We found out our health insurance partners with Progyny to pay for TWO full cycles with PGS testing from fertility testing to 2nd ultrasound after positive pregnancy test.  Ummm.  Wow.

I switched REs because Dr. H was full of herself and thought ablation is a legit surgery technique for endometriosis and blew me off when my surgeon wanted me to see her for a follow-up on a new 5 cm cyst.  You know, so it doesn’t keep growing and strangle an ovary.  “Oh, you’ve always had that 5 cm cyst.”  No, I haven’t.  Bitch, review your notes.

For now, I think I want to document all this and get excited?!?  Life is not sucking for the first time in a minute.

Getting a 28 day Lupron shot tomorrow and planning for a July retrieval.

Dr. S (new RE) was v. charming today and less self-inflated than initial appointment.  300% less eye-rolling.  Possibly because my mom was there to grill him, IDK. I liked him more and my mom was charmed.  She was on top of it.
Dr. S: We use Lupron because birth control does this to endometriosis (demonstrates lower curve with hand) while Lupron kills endometriosis (demonstrates nosedive with hand).
Mom: Now that’s interesting…so does Lupron actually kill endometriosis? I’ve never heard that!
Dr. S: It doesn’t kill it PERMANENTLY. No, it doesn’t remove endometriosis.
My mom and I in the car after: Death is permanent.

Cyst on left ovary shrunk to 11 mm and that’s why I feel little pain.  The cyst is pressing on my bladder, exacerbating IC.   Did I say I was prescribed Ambien?  I got Ambien and sleep at night and wake at a normal hour.  I also do some stellar Amazon shopping before I pass out but no sleep binge eating or murder as of yet.

Right now I go through 4 shirts a night sweating so maybe with Lupron, just sleep on a tarp?  Hoping it doesn’t send me into permanent menopause and give me osteoporosis.  Pray 4 me.