Bacteria friends (in abundance)


Okay, I’ve gone to the weird side.  And I’m a person who does spirit journeys during float therapy if I need guidance.  Also, you’ve seen my tarot posts.

My dear friends experienced a loss and recently started trying for a baby, but it wasn’t immediate.  Not shocking, but the wife wanted to get this show on the road.  The wife, who is pretty sensible, referred me to an acupuncturist who does…I don’t even know?  Energy work?  Some acupuncture.  Meridian therapy?  What is that even.  He tunes his nervous system to mine by touching my abdomen and can assess if the gut bacteria is in balance, or if you have a fungal infection/overabundance.  My friends are pregnant now, so what the heck, let’s do this!

I’ve read some about leaky gut and gut health since I have celiac disease.  I take a probiotic daily if I remember.  Mr. Meridian recommended this probiotic, 3 pills daily.  Adjust as needed for constipation.  It was needed.


He said my Candida was a little high, 3%, but mucomycorsis was around 40%.  And we only identify this fungal infection through testing when it’s eating away at your flesh and you’re dying, whereas I’m not dying, my gut is out of whack and that can cause issues with fertility, endometriosis, cysts.  By the way, I told Mr. Meridian I was coming in for fertility treatment, but he didn’t know any of my other diagnoses.

You can’t Google this shit.  Don’t even try Google images.  I tried “Eastern medicine” and “acupuncture” plus mucomycorsis.  No info on treating it at a smaller level.  Whatever! It’s 3 sessions in 4 weeks for $200, which was the initial cost to start weekly fertility acupuncture.  That’s it!

I do believe your gut needs to be in balance, so I’m going along with it.  Also what’s the source behind all this autoimmune reactions and inflammation?  My doctors don’t know so fuck it.  Mr. Meridian explained fungus is everywhere, in the water we drink, and sometimes it stays and multiplies to a point where we start getting negative symptoms.  We can also recruit other bacteria friends to protect our immune system.  Aw!  He uses probiotics, and his touch therapy, combined with acupuncture, to move the fungus out of the gut, and into my knees?  For myofascial release.  Lots of hands on abdomen and then slowly releasing knee tension while I lie on a massage table.  His assistant also uses ozone therapy? With O3 in my ears to accelerate the moving process with blood flow.  Oh, and there are magnets for acupressure!

Sure!  Mr. Meridian was shocked to find (through touch) that the fungus reduced to 4% after a week.  I was strangely proud of myself based on no evidence whatsoever.  Is it because I urinate constantly?  After next week, he thinks I should be able to get pregnant without IVF.  Too bad I put myself into menopause!  I should also have more energy and return to baseline.

If I feel better, or get pregnant without IVF, I will be sure to refer this man to everyone I know.



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