The healing is real


I don’t always mention providers on this blog with the exception of Dr. Garza for excision surgery.  I would encourage anyone in the central Texas area to travel to visit Austin Meridian Therapy:
After excision for endometriosis, interstitial cystitis was the main disease causing pain and deteriorating quality of life. I woke up every hour to urinate and felt urgency after 10 minutes. Driving and standing were painful after an hour. I switched all my pants to leggings, and even those could be too much pressure on my abdomen. My skin ached at the lightest touch. I completely understand people who are not suicidal AND consider death an an option to end pain. It’s a disease that makes you go a little nuts (clinical term).
Have I tried x? Yes, I have tried everything before bladder instillations. And some treatments DO help rebuild the bladder wall and alleviate symptoms, but nothing has made as immediate and large of a change as seeing Jon Dollar for treatment.
A dear friend referred me and summed him up: he’s a true healer. What does he do? I can’t really describe it! He does acupuncture and energy work and focuses on balance and gut health. I’ve tried all those things before, over long periods of time, but they didn’t work as well as this.
I spent so much money and time on trying to achieve the results Jon gave me in one session. I originally saw him for fertility and when I mentioned bladder issues, he worked on that in a few minutes (third data point of acupuncture). He said I would flare and then return to a healthy baseline. For life. No weekly appointments or 3 different herbs to take 12x/day.
I am gluten-free due to Celiac, but no longer follow an inflammation diet because I track my symptoms daily and saw little difference. I am no longer on Elmiron because it costs $1100 monthly. I now wake once at night to urinate. I went to a birth and urinated twice in the first 9 hours. !!!! I don’t constantly think about the location of the nearest bathroom. I had 3 margaritas in a day without suffering! To me, this result is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been waiting to return to chronic pain but nope! I feel human. If you have tried everything, book an appointment with Jon Dollar. You only need to go a few times and the cost is minimal.


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