Spoonie preparing for international travel

Pretty much every day I order $25plus worth of items from Amazon.   Some may think I’m trying to control the anxiety of chaotic travel with material goods, and guess what, bitches?  It’s working.


In between my Ambien sleeps


I am staying in a resort in Nusa Dua and there’s not much on the internet about that region for celiacs (it’s all beach resorts).  American Airlines has promised GF meals.  😬  For emergencies, I’m bringing Annie’s GF macaroni and Gushers in my checked bag, then loading up on hot food and snacks in LAX.  The resort wrote me an email and I hope there’s nothing lost in translation:

Following up your inquiry regarding your special Consent.  We are delighted to give you some information about it: have celiac disease so cannot eat any gluten (wheat or soy sauce) or eat food that has touched gluten.

Ms,Nil could you please give us more information when is your arrival date and departure date in this hotel.  Because we would like to order special item for you and for your husband while you stay in our resort.  And I will share information thetail  to our team at FB Service and FB Production,and our chef veryhappy to assist you regarding special food.  But while you stay in our hotel if you come direcly at our restaurant or order food in room dinning  please inform our team at FB service that you have gluten free


I also mapped out the CarreFour supermarket nearby.



In case of gluten

My mother is so excited about bringing only a carry-on.  That’s nice for you.  My medications and supplements in their original huge bottles (paranoid about customs) will be taking up my carry-on.



Subbing for heating pad on abdomen on plane


Besides being paranoid about Zika, I have more of a reaction than most to mosquitoes and get bitten often.  Only Cutter Skinsationals works on me, but I’m trying this as a less noxious alternative.  A friend is similarly bite-inclined and said she went to South America with a group of children and this is what they successfully used over DEET products.



The Lupron bloat has subsided but I’m no longer chicly malnourished. Those maxi dresses cling.


Now all my swimsuits are too big or too tight.  Treat yourself!







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