My doctor told me I can’t be around you


Good excuse, Asa.

Asa doesn’t want bad vibes.  Fair.  Your friend group for TV is stressful.

Reza complains about the cost of surrogacy and wants to make sure his marriage is stable before investing the cost of a nice house in Waco.  Probably creating drama for TV, but fair point again.  Then he threatens divorce, negating his point.

Shocker!  Shervin admitted to cheating on his LDR and then broke up with her.  And immediately starts dating his friend. Destiney?  Who has seen his behavior all season?  Maybe she’s down with open relationships.  Oh!  Preview of Shervin on the reunion: it’s an open relationship.


I like this random shot of Gretchen sans chiron, behind a bouquet.

What?  GG and Shalom got married a month later?

What?  GG and Shalom filed for divorce two months later?

Also MJ was in theater class at Beverly Hills High with Monica Lewinsky and Erik Menendez?  “Poor guy.  Poor parents. He was really good at tennis.”

Looking forward to moustacheless Reza, bearded Shervin, Asa’s birth story, and GG’s real hair color and divorce tea at the reunion.


I need 15k for a gluten-detecting dog


Tribune Photo/Becky Malewitz

When Evelyn lowers a food item in front of Zeus and he detects gluten he puts his paw on the item or Evelyn’s hand to let her know. If he does not, he slightly turns his head away as if to say, “No gluten here.”

“It’s subtle,” Wendy said, “but you got to look at his eyes and we know when he’s working or not.”

According to Watters, Zeus can detect the scent and presence of gluten in food and other products down to .0025 parts per million…

Before the Lapidats had Zeus, Wendy said she would spend hours in the grocery store line calling companies, waiting to talk to someone who could tell her what their product’s natural flavor was.

“So now I can take Zeus and he can detect through a lot of packaging,” Wendy said. “… I can ask him right in the grocery store and he can tell me right away if it’s safe or not.”



Netflix and Sick: Unexpected


I was watching Before 90 Days.  #mencryforme. And saw pregnant ladies in an ad.  Play!

The reason I became a doula is from my work with young, teen, and/or single moms.  I was a case manager for the TANF work program (if a parent qualifies for, and receives, government benefits, they must be in school, looking for work, volunteering, or working, unless they are disabled…welfare as most people think of it no longer exists).  The state always gave me the angry clients.  And I did home interviews about domestic violence with teens from pregnancy to 2 years after birth as a side gig.  I wanted to work more with this population (get a niche, they tell you) and found doulas through Googling.

This show isn’t on yet, but I will be watching.  And I recorded Teen MUM because British people.