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I was catsitting this week so here’s some of my other meals.






“Anna and Simon use their own story to talk about all the hilarious, depressing, ridiculous, and expensive travails of trying to have a baby, from questioning one’s fundamental worth to putting up with other people’s opinions about your reproductive choices. They talk about infertility with an expert, explain how to masturbate in a doctor’s office and discuss all the bad advice they received from friends and family about how to get and stay pregnant.”

The KUWTK RE speaks.  Talks crap about people’s advice to RELAX.  And 4-6 months is actually when most couples get pregnant by.  So don’t wait a year to get fertility testing.

Leaning in to disappointing you


Sappy, but true, inspiration

Validation from our couples counselor about keeping fertility and health information private from specific people:

Why would you give more data to someone you’ve given data to in the past and they’ve shit on you?

Awww, Trent didn’t tell me this is what he wrote to the haters about “but you don’t look sick” on social media:
This is the rare, potentially limited moment of happiness she gets to experience, and if she wants to share that with friends on the internet, dont hate on it.
Tell your wife when you defend her.  She’ll love it!  And yes, I’m aware my friends and family can easily check on my health and fertility updates on this blog.  But a minority don’t, and make assumptions with pieces of a narrative.  The minority think I’m unhealthily “leaning in” to this chronic disease/infertility stuff.   We’re establishing the first of many boundaries and cutting them off from personal information.

That’s me!  Processing losing my job, giving up gluten, undergoing three surgeries, being diagnosed with three chronic diseases, finding out we can’t have children naturally, and thus becoming situationally depressed, within the span of a year!  Fuck off.

Yin yoga for IC

Exercising Safely For Patients With Interstitial Cystitis
& Painful Bladder Syndrome

Gaye Sandler – Muscle tension is a common barrier and can cause flares in some IC patients.  Over time, chronic pain causes muscles to contractand shorten…

Many IC patients become discouraged…they unknowingly exercise while in a tension pattern or perform a movement which aggravates their very tight musculature/pelvic floor. This makes tight muscles even tighter, shorter and thus more painful. In order to loosen these many layers of tension, we have to gradually re-educate the muscles with gentle exercise. Usually this involves stretching, and strengthening that can (1) restore length to the muscles, (2) recapture the range of motion and which results in more comfortable movement.

Most IC patients are in a tension pattern caused by the pelvic compromise, in which the muscles of the pelvic floor, hip flexors, abdominal muscles and legs cause the tension pattern of IC. Moving during a tension pattern makes one more tense and the muscles contract more and cause a flare….

Jill Osborne – Patients are often confused with bike riding??? I’m almost afraid to sit on a traditional bike seat for fear of what that will do to the pelvic muscles.

Gaye Sandler – Bike riding is tough whether you’re sitting on a traditional or a recumbent bicycle. When you sit on a small hard seat that places your pelvis in a posterior position it hurts the bladder. But when you have your legs out in front of you (i.e. while sitting on a recumbent bike), you also may over use the psoas muscle and the abdominals. It depends on the person, how they sit and how they move.

(Really miss the connection and teamwork of tandem bike riding with Trent.)

Not us anymore

Gaye Sandler – Walking, swimming, jumping on the trampoline (gently) are fairly safe for most.

Jill Osborne – KI asks “What kind of exercise would you recommend for a good cardiovascular workout that will also keep muscle tone?”

Gaye Sandler –  Walking in fast and slow increments is one way. Swimming is another, and I love the mini trampoline. I can only do air boxing and gentle leg movements.

(So yoga).
(Videos are more helpful to me so searching on YouTube for yin yoga and focusing on hip flexibility worked better for me.  Yin yoga is my pace!  Soften into a pose and stay there for five minutes.  I do that all the time in bed in positions that are awful for my back.  Obviously, I use adjustments liberally since I’ve never done a split in my life.)

IC Treatment Protocol


I’m ready for Vistaril and instillations!  This is the first week I’ve felt I’m sleeping okay and have energy to work.  BUT.  This is the best Myrbetriq will work and during ovulation and my period, I’m still waking 6+ times per night and bemoaning my existence.  I feel I deserve a better quality of life and medical professionals should agree.  Let’s call the urologist.